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Aeronautical Communication Officers’ Association (India) – a registered and recognized association - is an organization consisting of executives working in communication Operations discipline of Airports Authority of India. The objective of the association is to protect, preserve and advance the professional interest and welfare of its members and take up all the issues with the Management concerning the discipline. This organization also contributes to enhance the professional skill of its members along with measures to improve the efficiency of Communication discipline.(Note from Webs: Edits are successful!)


The Airports Authority of India was carved out of the Director General of Civil Aviation which was a part of Department of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. During that period the Gazetted Officers of the Department was represented by a single Association namely Civil Aviation Department Gazetted Officers’ Association (CADGOA). The various cadres in the Department had their own unique, specific problems and the CADGOA often failed to address or resolve these intricate problems of different cadres, there was no other way but to form their own cadres Associations. This feeling gave birth to the formation of ATC Guild (India) and Civil Aviation Department Communication Officers’ Association. The CADCOA was formally formed in the year 1981 and Shri. K.D. Tuli and Shri. Umesh Kumar became its founder President and General Secretary respectively.


In 1982 the Govt. Of India Ministry of Civil Aviation recognized this association as a representative body for the officers of Communication Operations discipline and in its 1st All India Conference held at Delhi in the year 1983 Shri. K.D.Tuli and Shri. R.K. Maheswari were elected as President and General Secretary of the association respectively. In the 2nd All India Conference held in 1985, Shri. Umesh Kumar was elected as President and Shri. M.L.Jalla took over as General Secretary. The same team was reelected in 1988 in the AIC held at Bangalore and this team continued to remain at the helm of the affairs till the year 1990. In the All India Conference held at Bangalore in the year 1988, the name of the Association was changed to Aeronautical Communication Officers’ Association (India) through a resolution.


In the year 1990 the conference was held at Delhi and Shri. Jalla relinquished his responsibility on his retirement while Shri. Umesh Kumar continued as the President of the association. Shri. S.K. Verma took over as the General Secretary from Shri. Jalla and continued as General Secretary, till his retirement in 1997. Shri. S.K. Chatterjee succeeded Shri. S.K. Verma, in the year 1997, and continued to discharge the responsibility of GS till December 2008, when he was retiring from service. Shri. Umesh Kumar continued as President till 1995 and Shri. P.K. Jha took over as President from him. In 1999, Shri. P.K. Jha relinquished the responsibility of the President and Shri. Atul Dikshit took over as the President. In the year 2004, Shri. Atul Dikshit gave way and Shri. J.M.Jolly was elected as President. Shri. J.M. Jolly continues to remain the President of the Association as on date and in an All India Conference held at Delhi December 2008, Shri. Alok Kumar Varshney was elected as the new General Secretary in place of Shri. S.K. Chatterjee and continues to remain so as on date after being re-elected in Chennai Conference held in Jan 2011.



Today, the affairs of the Association at national level, is being run by the democratically elected body of the office bearers in the conference by the delegates at Chennai.


The present team consists of :


All India President                     S/S           J. M. Jolly  

All India Vice President                           CH. Narasimhan

General Secretary                                     Alok Kumar Varshney

Asst. General Secretary                           V.K. Sharma

Asst. General Secretary                           S.K. Mansukhani

Financial Secretary                                   Amarjeet Singh

Organisation Secretary                "            B.K. Sharma

CEC Member                                             Tapan Gangopadhyay

Special CEC Member                               S.K. Verma, Retd Com. Officer


  Regional Secretaries:


  Northern Region                     S/S         R.C. Naugai

  Western Region                                   S.K. Roy

  Southern Region                                  R. Damodaran

  Eastern Region                                     G.S. Ghosh

  NE Region                                             A.K. Banerjee